Elizabeth Anne Wendt's Portfolio


Leadership Documents

Leadership Reflection

Southwestern Elementary School - Jamestown, NY Community Analysis

Book talk and Survival Presentation at James Prendergast Library - Jamestown, NY

Press Release and Photos

Poster for the event created by Liz Wendt

Pathfinder on 'Survival Resources for Teens' created by Liz Wendt


Tecnology Reflection

PowerPoint on eReaders - Books Without Covers: a professional development program

Professional Development Fly for the program Books Without Covers

Web Log Created for LIS course - Computer Applications in the School Library

Liz's Web Log


Curriculum/Collaboration Reflection

Collaborative Lesson Plan - Multicultural Scrapbooking Project and Anticipatory Set

*Video of Lesson will be delivered separately.


Writing/Research Reflection

Pathfinder on Samurai designed for 9th grade Global Studies I (New York State Curriculum)

Issues and trends in education research paper: Collaboration in the school library and special education

Professional Devleopment

Professional Development Reflection


Professional Development Plan